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What we look for in a soccer player

Selection always begins with an assessment of individual players. There are four criteria that generally form the basis for evaluations.





The most critical quality for all soccer players is technique. This would include the player’s overall range of techniques and the speed and ease with which they secure and use the ball.

Tactical insight is the second element in the equation.  The talent evaluation of this area looks at how players solve small-group tactical problems and the degree to which they play in a structured team organization.

The third quality is personality.  In evaluating players, it is readily apparent that they come with an assortment of qualities- dribbling, speed, and passing- others by their ability to read the game and lead, some work hard and impress by their selflessness.

Speed:  Physical speed from ‘A’ to ‘B’ is always part of an overall assessment. Speed can also include the time players take to assess match situations and take appropriate action (tactical speed) and the speed with which players control and use the ball (technical speed).

Youth Player Development Philosophy:  Above all else, young players should be helped towards technical independence and the creative application of technique in small group activities. Team development follows individual development, not the reverse. Therefore, a long-term player development philosophy is based on individual and collective (group) possession and the ability to play with controlled changes of rhythm.

The most important attribute that all players have to achieve is the ability to control the ball and be comfortable with it in possession.  The following components are always considered when selecting players for AFC teams:

·         Touch on the Ball

·         Balance

·         Technical Speed

·         “Coach-ability”

·         Work Rate

Players Must:  Be self-motivated to work hard to grow as a player both technically and tactically.  Commit 100% of yourself to improve.