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Academy Futbol Club

Academy Futbol Club (AFC)

Have you ever been watching TV and seen a college football play make a U symbol with his hands when asked what university he attended before turning pro? Well those in the know understand that the football player is indicating that he attended the University of Miami. or “The U”, and anyone who attended that school conveys that by making a U symbol with his hands. It is a form of Branding that is built over time to symbolize well known institutions. And to us this made perfect sense...less is more!

So when it came time for us to select a name for our club and establish our "Branding" it became clear that we wanted something that represented our focus on "Player Development" through,"Training" and “Academy Futbol Club (AFC)” was born.

So when you see our players make the A symbol with there hands you will know they are referring to the Academy Futbol Club (AFC) of Central Virginia!