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Player Development and Curriculum


The development of a soccer player is a long process in which player’s progress gradually from a simple to a more complex involvement in the game, progression requires proper guidance and direction from experienced and qualified coaches..

Coaching at youth levels is all about working with players to improve performance.  Soccer is a player's game and players should be considered first when administrative and coaching decisions are being made".

Developmental Objectives for Youth Travel Players

Small Sided Travel program (U9-U10) is geared toward players with a desire to play games against other children from other programs.  This program places emphasis on the individual attacking skills each player must attain in order to excel. While the emphasis is on individual skills, the focus on team play including Futsal 4v4 and 5v5 with goalkeepers is also an active part of the program. The focus in the travel development program U9-U10 is that the players have the skills to advance to the next level of play:

1.      Teaching the techniques of the game utilizing a “fun game” approach

2.      Providing an enjoyable environment which builds self-esteem

3.      Setting seasonal personal goals

The pre high-school program (U11-U14) is designed for players with a greater familiarity with the game and prior soccer experience. The main objective for U-11 through U-14 is to develop skill and the successful application of the correct technique in any given situation. This program challenges players to compete at a higher level of performance.

1.      Teaching the techniques in challenging, competitive situations emphasizing possession and combination play

2.      Training players frequently in small competitive groups i.e. - 1 v 1, 3 v 2 thru 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5.

3.      Developing players’ understanding of team play and various formations

4.      Emphasizing transition in all activities

The primary objective for High School Age Players (U15 and up) is to develop players’ understanding of functional play roles of all positions, in attack, mid-field and defense, in all areas of the field. 

1.      Training “attack vs. defense”

2.      Teaching all players all “positional” roles, in attack and defense

3.      Developing players’ understanding of off-ball requirements when in possession

4.      Training players’ roles in defending principles and transition

5.      Developing players’ understanding of the principles of learn play- that each player has a role in the attack and defense with the immediate goal being possession of the ball. 

Definition of Success

    1. HOW well can the player execute the techniques of the game under pressure
    2. HOW skillful is the player- in other words, how often does the player execute the correct technique, correctly, in any given situation
    3. HOW prepared is the player for the next level of competition- psychologically, physically, technically and tactically